Vacuum Arc Remelting Ingot. Chapter 7. Defects of vacuum arc remelting ingot

Felix I. Shved

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Vacuum Arc Remelting Ingot. F.I. Shved, 424 p.
Fundamentals of steel and superalloys vacuum arc remelting (VAR) theory and technology are expounded. VAR advantages and shortcomings are examined in comparison with other methods of steel ingots production. Procedures and results of unidirectional solidification investigations are described. Some peculiarities of VAR ingot crystalline, temperature fields in consumable electrodes, in the liquid pool and in ingot, melt rate measurements, and arc current-voltage data studies are discussed also. Conceptions about manganese, cuprum and magnesium evaporation are refined. Segregation and exogenous defects formation in VAR ingots is described, along with conditions of uniform metal production. Results of technological and service properties comparison of superalloys and constructional steel are presented.
The captions to the pictures are given in two languages (English and Russian).
The book is intended for university and laboratory researchers, and for operational personnel of metallurgical and machine-building plants, as well as for students learning metallurgical professions.
Tables: 73. Ill.:222. Bibl.: 79 titles.

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