IBMT offers innovations

GIBBS Simulator Innovation Bureau of Metallurgical Technology (IBMT), Moscow, has developed for R&D Center, United Metallurgical Company (UMC) Steel Melting (SM) simulator. The simulator is developed on the basis of newest thermodynamic theory and unique models that allow researchers to take into account all peculiarities of objects simulated.

IBMT SM simulators accurately describe the whole system of thermo- and mass-transfer processes which take place in melting furnaces and secondary metallurgy facilities. It allows to obtain information on temperature and chemical composition of metal, slag and waste gas during the processes at any moment by means of simulation.

The processes parameters, as well as power and materials consumption can be determined by means of simulation too. Simulation allows to estimate the efficiency of production and find out the most optimum solutions for:

• Increase in productivity by means of optimized steel melting and refining processes with the aim of reducing the duration of steel melting and treatment.

• Reduction in the consumption of alloying materials, deoxidizing and slag-forming agents.

• Reduction in power consumption.

• Adjustment (adaptation) of operating practices, in case of alteration in the production conditions (e.g., changes in the materials used, product mix, in the characteristics of the equipment, implementation of new equipment, etc.).

• Choice of an optimum version of steelmaking techniques upgrading.

• Estimation of efficiency of various materials and agents use. Choice of optimum ones.

• Other kinds of research aimed at an increase in the production efficiency.

About IBMT

IBMT has been founded by a group of engineers and scientists for realization on practice their newest thermodynamic model of mass transfer in “metal – slag – gas” system and other scientific and engineering products developed.

The software ORAKUL and GIBBS® developed by IBMT specialists are used in education process in Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys and Donetsk National Technical University.

IBMT continually develops their systems generated and develops itself. IBMT now has its own personnel of specialists highly qualified in field of metallurgical process theory, metallurgical practice, and automation of steelmaking processes.

IBMT has a potential for successful decision of complex tasks for development and improvement of steelmelting and secondary metallurgy operating practices, as well as for automation and control of steelmaiking processes.

The all IBMT projects realized were highly evaluated by the customers. They have allowed to fulfill completely the all technical requirements of the draft proposals, to get remarkable economic benefits, and to improve an operating practices.

IBMT offers science-based steelmaking processes control systems GIBBS® on turnkey basis.

GIBBS® is a family name of IBMT systems designed for:

- Steelmelting units control (EAF, LD (BOF), etc.),

- Secondary metallurgy control, including the control of all its secondary steelmaking facilities (LF, VOD, RH-, etc.),

- Operational control of all the steel producing division as a whole.

The unique advantage of GIBBS® systems lies in that they reliably operate steelmaking processes under any unstable industrial conditions. It provides real automatic stabilization of the processes, reduction in the negative consequences of the personnel mistakes, as well as in dependence on workers’ skills.

More infornation about the processes control systems developed by IBMT