IBMT Selskochoziaystvenaya St., 11, build. 3
Moscow 129226, Russia

Tel.: +7 903-621-59-17


- Automation of the steelmaking processes (steelmaking, secondary metallurgy, online production planning and coordination of operation of steelmaking facilities)
- Technological consulting on optimization and upgrading of the employed production processes

About the IBMT

The Innovative Bureau of Metallurgical Techniques (IBMT) was founded by a group of engineers and scientists-metallurgists for implementation of the projects, developed by them, at the steel plants. The most significant of them is the thermodynamic model of heat and mass transfer in the system “metal-slag-gas”.

The software ORAKUL and GIBBS® developed by the IBMT specialists has been made use of in the educational process at the Moscow High School of Steel and Alloys and at the metallurgical faculties of the Donetsk National Technical University (Ukraine) for more than 20 years.

The IBMT is continuously improving the created systems and never stops moving forward itself. At present it has at its disposal the personnel of highly qualified specialists in the fields of the theory of the metallurgical processes, practical steelmaking and automation of steelmaking processes.

The IBMT possesses the potential, which enables it to solve the problems of developing and improving the tech-niques of steelmaking and secondary treatment, when creating automatic steelmaking process control systems on the highest level.
All the implemented IBMT projects have been highly evaluated by the specialists. They have succeeded in significantly exceeding the target values , set by the specifications of the customers, and providing considerable technical and economic benefits.

The automatic steelmaking process control systems developed by the IMBT are distinguished by use of precise thermal and thermodynamic models, which enable the customer to calculate with high accuracy in the on-line mode the temperature and chemical composition of steel and slag.

The optimum control systems GIBBS® (the name of the earlier versions is ORACUL) implemented by the IBMT are known to have no rivals among the automatic steelmaking process control systems as far as the design principles and problems solution methods are concerned.

They allow to operate the heat process in the maximum automated regime on the basis of an accurate thermodynamic calculation.

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