Computer Simulation of Oxide Inclusions Transformation during Secondary Steelmaking and Casting

Alexander Alexeenko and Dmitry Ponomarenko*
Laboratory of Special Metallurgy Co., *Innovation Bureau of Metallurgical Technologies Co.

Asia Steel 2009 - Presentation at Steelmaking session

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Proceedings of Asia Steel International Conference. The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials. Busan (Korea), May 24 - 27 2009.

Thermodynamic model and software for simulation of liquid oxide inclusions transformation which follows after change of pressure above the melt, as well as oxidation level, chemistry, or temperature of liquid steel, are described. Herein, transformation means the change of inclusions mass and chemistry. The model is based on the statement that molten steel and liquid oxide inclusions tend to equilibrium state. Each procedure during secondary steelmaking (e.g. changing of steel composition by adding of ferroalloys, deoxidizers, slag-making additions, or changing of temperature and pressure over the melt) drifts the equilibrium point of “inclusions – melt” system and the transformation of non-metallic inclusions takes place during entire melt treatment. The software gives clear understanding of the internal dependencies in liquid steel – oxide inclusions system and the effect of some technological parameters on the transformation processes.

KEY WORDS: inclusions, thermodynamic simulation, secondary steelmaking, clean steel, metallurgical control systems


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